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Our passion is for your world

In engineering, technology, power systems and the environment.

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We love challenges and using our expertise to get things done for our customers.

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  • Technical Assurance & Due Diligence

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Why work with us?

In two words: passion, commitment.

With over 300 years of combined experience across the sector, you can be sure that we have the knowledge and skills you need.

However, all the experience in the world means nothing unless you have the determination, the passion and the belief in what you do.


We’re passionate about our industry – the engineering, the technology – and the environment.

We just love a challenge – and we are really excited to use all of our expertise and the technology available to exceed your expectations.


Above all, we get things done. Time and time again, we deliver for our clients.

The finest testimonial we have from our customers is this: we work with the people from EPNC because we know, absolutely, that the job will get done.